Why Choose Black Moth Media?

Robin Bull, CEO and Professional Nerd, holds a BS in Paralegal Studies, taught Paralegal Studies, and has over 15 years of experience as a civil law paralegal. She’s worked as a professional writer and editor for more than five years. In fact, she is continuously rated as one of Upwork’s Top Rated Freelancers. She also writes for Lawdroid. Previously, Robin was published by Lawyerist.com, Uptime Legal Works, and JurisPage. She’s also the author of Self-Publishing School as well as Kill Something & Drag It Home.

Robin has worked with law firms in the United States and in Ireland improve their web content and social media presence over the last several years. She’s also ghostwritten more than 300 ebooks and countless blog posts across several industries.

Black Moth Media provides clients with professional results at affordable prices. We love our clients and they love us. We provide both done-for-you services and professionally designed plans that let you handle your content or SEO on your own. To learn more about our services, please use our contact page!

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