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Professional writing requires the implementation of the perfect word. Word choice affects our unconscious (and conscious) decision to purchase an item or acquire a service from a particular business. Choosing the right word includes more than a large vocabulary (or access to a dictionary). Black Moth Media provides businesses of any size with various types of web content, including:

  • Blog posts
  • Ghostwritten guides
  • Search engine optimized page content
  • Assistance with keyword research
  • The creation of an editorial calendar
  • Articles
  • Company bios
  • Company about pages
  • Custom resource pages to meet the needs of your target audience

Don’t see what you need for your content marketing plan? Just ask.


Black Moth Media’s Founder and CEO, Robin Bull, has over 345 ghostwritten ebooks to her credit. This includes cookbooks, survival manuals, hobby guides, technology use guides, and business leadership books. She also has numerous ghostwritten long-form articles and short-form answers on various legal platforms. Robin’s 15+ years of paralegal experience gives her the understanding both of what lawyers and law firms want to present and produce as well as what their potential clients really want to read (as well as how it should be worded for both educational reasons and impact).

Black Moth Media’s Managing Director or Research and Copywriter Danny Bull has ghostwriting experience in the business sector, survival, homesteading, mythology, martial arts, ecommerce (including eBay pages), and also ghostwriting fiction books.


For businesses, the Internet provided more access to a larger number of potential consumers and clients. For consumers, the Internet provided more options in both service providers and acquiring goods. While the potential to reach a bigger audience exists, there’s also more competition for their attention…and their loyalty.

You must stand out. You must stand out as an expert in your industry. You must stand out as an expert in your industry who is worthy of the trust of your potential consumers. And that, my friends, isn’t always easy. It’s more than just telling people how awesome your services and goods are. It’s about showcasing your knowledge and creating trust as well as interest.

Black Moth Media provides copywriting for stores who participate in online auctions, ecommerce, law firms, email campaigns, the beverage industry (who doesn’t love coffee?), home improvement, legal tech, and more. We want to help you stand out from the crowd.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the way that search engines find your website. Organic SEO is a term that means people find your website through the search engine without relying on costly PPC ads (and we’re not hating on paid ad campaigns; we just believe that you should be smart about it and also focus on the organic side since you’ll reap more benefits from it in the long run).

SEO involves choosing the right keywords and ideas that are then used to create the content your target audience really wants or needs to read. It also involves creating the proper page descriptions and inserting the proper language in other parts of each page to get the best possible results.

Black Moth Media provides SEO for law firms, tech companies, home improvement businesses, architects, engineers, and more. Part of our goal is to help you understand the basic process of SEO so that even if you decide to eventually handle the process on your own or want to talk to other SEO providers. Education is extremely important (and nine times out of ten, there’s no reason to throw out everything and start over – that’s something that many “experts” will tell you to do…because they make more money off of you instead of just beginning to fix current issues and moving forward). We provide SEO both as a done-for-you service and offer a convenient, professionally developed DIY plan! Did we mention that we don’t require a long-term contract? Yes, you read that right.

To schedule your free consultation, head over to our contact page and send us a message or schedule your consultation through our Facebook page (and give us a like!).


Line editing? Developmental editing? Proofreading? We can do that. It doesn’t matter if you need editing for your web site content, articles, blogs, academic papers, downloadables, emails, fiction, or non-fiction books, we’ve got you covered.

If English isn’t your first language, that’s okay! We think it’s cool that you learned English in addition to your other language(s). Come on, we know English isn’t easy. We have weird rules in this language. Not to mention “their, there, and they’re;” “one and won;” “hour and our;” “sex and sect….” There are a lot of words that can get confusing for native English speakers let alone English as a second (or third) language speakers. Black Moth Media can help you, too. Reach out to us through our contact page to send us a message describing your needs.

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